The season of sand, sun and fun has finally come. Between the spontaneous road trips and exciting beach getaways, sizzling by-the-shore shindigs and possible summer flings, we have to make sure that our skin is always protected. And because exposure to ultraviolet rays is inevitable even if you hide indoors, Flawless came up with an efficient sunscreen ideal for the summer — Flawless Skin Protect Mist.
Formulated with a high SPF 70, Flawless Skin Protect Mist (as determined through an international In Vitro Evaluation) effectively shields skin from UVA and UVB rays. Its canister, which comes in Flawless’ signature pink, features a 360-degree spray system that allows continuous delivery of skin protection and can be applied in any direction; be it horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even upside-down.

How best to celebrate the birth of an amazing new sunblock perfect for the summer than to host an awesome pre-summer rooftop party at the luxurious 71 Gramercy deck? Yeah, that’s exactly what Flawless did! Woot woot! <3
I’ve never seen dj’s as pretty as them. My first reaction when I saw the blondie was, “Barbie is a DJ, omg!” haha. It was so cool. Also, The pastries on the buffet table were not only yummy but they also looked matchy-matchy with the new Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70. I didn’t get to taste everything but the mini lemon cupcakes were my fave. 🙂
Attendees were also treated to a quick nail art sesh courtesy of Beauty & Butter. If you’ve seen my post on the color-changing nail polish that is Ruby Wing; I believe Beauty & Butter was the first nail spa in the Philippines to offer it. Of course, I’m not absolutely certain about this so do correct me if I’m wrong. Nonetheless, they have the largest Ruby Wing nail polish selection I’ve seen. They have tons of other nail polish brands aside from Ruby Wing, too, like Zoya, Orly, Cuccio and more. This is a bit off-topic but their shabby chic setup complete with colorful tables and lanterns gave me an idea for my ongoing room renovation. Haha.
To warm everyone up for the main event that is the launching of their newest product, they also had mini games setup. The mini golf looked easy but believe me, it was frustrating. I gave it several tries but to no avail. It was fun, though. 🙂 The pink golf ball and club killed it. <3
Going back to the star of the event, Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70.
Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70 has fine mist that leaves a light and soothing feel with no white residues—perfect for the person on the go. It suits the active lifestyles of their hunky endorsers: Andrew Wolff, Gaz Holgate, Chris Evingham and Harry Morris of the Philippine National Rugby Team, who are always outdoor training and playing. And for “IT” couple, Victor Basa and Divine Lee, both dynamic urbanites with various work and social commitments, Flawless Skin Protect Mist gets them covered all the time.
Safe for children and pregnant women, fuss-free, effective, paraben-free and water-resistant. Flawless Skin Protect Mist is everything you want and need in a sunscreen. I tried it when I ran my first ever marathon and I must say I’m impressed. Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70 definitely made it to my “top 5”. I’ll show you more of my “top 5” in the coming days. *wink! Yey for worry-free summer adventures! 😀
Flawless Skin Protect Mist with SPF 70 (Php450.00) is now available in all Flawless clinics nationwide. For more information, “like” Flawless in Facebook: