Before I begin, let me just say that I really didn’t plan on blogging about our dinner cruise date last Saturday so I didn’t bring my digicam with me – thinking that I would enjoy the experience better of I was not taking pictures of everything. But I guess the blogger in me won so I had to make do with my iPhone’s camera. This explains the crappy photos. My apologies!
Anyway, I’m posting this because an IG follower of mine requested for it. Hi, ninyaaavi! πŸ˜‰ Also, I thought this would give you an idea on what to do this Valentine’s Day. <3
Few weeks ago, I screwed up yet another romantic surprise when I went through BF’s Gmail account and saw the confirmed reservstion for two to a dinner cruise at Manila Bay. Oooppss! 

 This small yacht that’s docked at the terminal besides Folk Arts Theater is what we boarded for the cruise. The upper deck is covered but you can still feel the sea breeze, of course. There is where couples are seated while the lower part is completely enclosed and air-conditioned – for families and larger groups. 
The entire cruise lasted for almost an hour and a half and it costs Php 550 per person. This fee includes the cruise itself, dinner and well, an acoustic performer who kinda ruined the mood with his “own renditions” and wrong lyrics. LOL! Boarding time is 15 minutes before the time printed on your tickets – I should know, we were almost late because of me. :/
I was wearing a 3-inch wedge that day. Good thing we were able to buy slippers before the cruise because I don’t want to sit down throughout the entire cruise!

Guests are allowed to give special instructions as they confirm their reservation like a romantic setup, roses, wines and cakes for additional fee. Don’t ask me how much, I don’t know. πŸ˜€

Sun Cruise actually has several yachts to accomodate all the cruise reservations. On my trip to the little girls room, I also saw a poster about their trip to Corregidor cruise for about Php 2000 per person. I think I’d like to give that a try.. I’ve never been to Corregidor! Maybe before BF starts his review of the boards. πŸ™‚

An unflattering shot of me while I try to look cute for the camera. LOL!
Please don’t judge me. HAHAH :))

I got a lot of questions asking how the food was. Well, this is it! Soup is served first then this – 2 viands and 1 rice – followed by a small cup of dessert. I can’t remember what the dessert was because I really didn’t even taste it. Overall, the food was fine. Hey, we went there for the cruise, not the food. LOL! By the way, the drinks are not included in the Php 550 per person fee. We had to pay less than a hundred for mango juice and iced tea.

At exactly 7pm, the yacht faced Mall of Asia and the acoustic performer announced that there will be fireworks. I live near Enchanted Kingdom so I wasn’t really excited about it but BF still forced me to go to the yacht’s deck and check it out. Oh my, it was amazing! The view was super clear – no trees nor roofs to block the view! If you’re booking a cruise, I suggest get the 6:15pm cruise.

A little gift from BF before the cruise ended; a silver necklace with a letter “C” pendant. 2 weeks ago I bought an infinity ring to replace our couple ring. For me it symbolizes how I should always love myself first before prioritizing our relationship. 3 years in and I felt like we became too dependent on each other. Anyway, he asked me to wear “our” ring again. And instead of the infinity ring, I wear my “C” necklace which represent me and how I should be capable of making independent decisions. — I just love how jewelry can have deeper meanings!
Here comes the vain shots!

Ooh! There’s the necklace and the infinity ring!

Photo from IG. Follow me (celline08)! πŸ™‚ 
Thumbs up for the affordable and romantic cruise! Some of our classmate are also asking us about this. You know, they feel pressured because V-Day is nearing. *wink
Hope you enjoyed reading this post nearly as much as I enjoyed the cruise!
Let me know if you’re planning to go there for Valentine’s. I’d love to see pictures! <3
Happy Friday, everyone. ;D