I have way too many unused makeup, skincare products and cosmetic brushes to be shopping for those. But I rarely shop for clothes so ze BF decided to take me out shopping last Friday. Where to? To the SuperSale Bazaar, of course. Yipee! πŸ™‚ I won’t make a lengthy introduction for this post.. I just want to put it up as soon as I can so that you, too, could visit the bazaar.
I’m super excited to show you what I got. Let’s start!

 Body Bag – Php 699
I love the feel of the material used and the stitching design on the edge of the bag. Plus it has tons of room inside for my makeup and school stuff. I instantly fell inlove with it that couldn’t decide which color to get.. ze BF insisted that I just get it in both colors just so I’ll always have a spare. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the shop. Boo!
  Basic T’s – Php 150/each
 I don’t like dressing up when going to school or running errands. So yeah, a pile of form-flattering shirts is always welcome in my dresser. They’re just too comfy. <3 I got this from a shop named J.King.. I can’t find them on Facebook. πŸ™
See-Through Top – Php 399
Loose see-through tops are my go-to outfit for events just because they’re easier to wear. If you’ve seen my previous fashion haul posts, you’ll see that I always buy at least one see-through top every time I shop. LOL! What I actually love about this one is that it has this weird poncho-inspired design and a tiny cutout on the arm section. This one is from Heir Clothing. Again, I couldn’t find their page too.
Jumpsuit – Php 550
This piece I got from Vaintage has got to be my favorite find! It has the most interesting cutouts, daring neckline and a cutie mini shorts to boot! I was surprised how affordable it was. I can’t wait to lose a couple of inches around the waist so I can start wearing this. It looks dainty and sexy!! <3
Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/VaintageOfficialPage
Follow them on Instagram: @VaintagePH
And now for the star of my entire haul…
Sneaker Wedge – Php 1,500
 I finally got my hands on these cool sneaker wedges from S&H! I wanted to get a pair of these for months now but I never knew where to look – except online. I was torn whether to get this blue and white kicks or the yellow and black one. But I figured this would look better with pants so I got this one. Whatchu think? πŸ™‚
Visit their page: www.snh-fashion.com
Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SnH.fashion
That’s it for my mini fashion haul post. I hope you see something you like because you only have until today to drop by SuperSale Bazaar at World Trade Center. Oh before I end this post, I’d like to thank my super supportive boyfriend for the shopping spree. Teehee. I had a great day.. you really know how to spoil a girl. πŸ™‚