I know I have a lot of overdue reviews to post but I don’t want to bore everyone to death by bombarding you with nonstop product reviews so instead, I’ll be injecting some random post here and there. LOL! I hope you don’t mind. πŸ™‚

Exactly 2 months ago, Jannie of Jannieology tagged me on her “Face Worth” post. Why did it take me 2 months to finally answer the tag? Well, it’s rather obvious that I seldom post LOTD/FOTD so I really don’t have much choice when it comes to what photo to use. πŸ™‚

“How Much Is Your Face Worth” is basically a post where you add up the monetary values of all the products you used on one particular look. Different bloggers have different interpretations of this tag post. Some include the tools and skincare products they used prior to the actual makeup application. And since it is subject to different interpretations, I opted not to include the tools (such as brushes) and skincare products I used to prep my face.

More on this look HERE.
Catalina GEO Face Primer + Essence (Read review HERE) $41.5 = Php 1800
EnCara BB Cream (Read review HERE) Php 499
James Cooper Cream Foundation in CF-05 (Read review HERE) Php 550
Cinema Secret Ultimate Foundation as concealer (Read review HERE) Php 1080
Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer (Read review HERE) Php 298
Milani Loose Powder in Sand Beige Php 250
Ever Bilena 3D Compact in Dark Fusion (Read review HERE) Php 150
Krave Minerale Blush Crush in Pink Muffin (Read review HERE) Php 230
MeMeMe Highlighter in Sunbeam (Read review HERE) Php 360
IN2IT Brow Powder Php 225
Etude House Color My Brows in No.2 Php 328
Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eyelid Primer Php 1400
MAC Eyeshadow in DaisyChain Php 1000+
Beauty PRO Crazy Colours Palette (Read review HERE) Php 1800
Naked Palette Php 2600
MeMeMe Eye Sweep Php 470
Berrisom Curlume Mascara (Read review HERE) $19 = 850
Nichido Lip Liner in Rosette Php 100
MAC Pro LongWear LipCreme in Dear Diary (Read review HERE) Php 860

For a whopping total of…
Php 14,850!

Am I surprised that I came up with that total? No, not really. Well, first of all, to be fair, I didn’t use up all those products in just one go. I could prolly use it for, say, 100 times which means I only spend roughly around Php 149 each time — which, in my opinion, is not half bad. Now, compare that to the hair and makeup rates if and when I decide to go to a salon. See how much I save by knowing the basics of makeup? I honestly do think I’m saving money here. πŸ™‚

More importantly, I strongly feel that this is my craft. I’m no makeup artist nor am I claiming to be one but I derive so much joy and satisfaction in making myself and my loved ones look really special and all dolled up that I can proudly say that this is not a waste of my time and money. *wink

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