This might not come as a surprise to a lot of but I’m still saying it, just for the record – one thing I love more than makeup is food. Yes, whenever my boyfriend and I plan an out-of-town trip, I always search for the best restaurant or signature delicacies of the place and then map our whole travel from there. Like how I mapped our entire day in Baguio around the fact that I wanted to get breakfast at Cafe By The Ruins and dinner at 50’s Diner. If we’re going to some place new, we might as well try the best food there, right?

Talking about great food from different places; I was invited to The Food Club’s first anniversary dinner. The Food Club is unlike most buffet chains I’ve been to before. The place itself was as exquisite as the wide array of food choices they have to offer. Definitely a buffet experience I can’t wait to try again.

At The Food Club you will be dining with self-service, market-style set-up, where cooking is elevated to performance art. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, from the staple rice of the fields to the seasonal lobsters of the Philippine seas, The Food Club takes their guests to a gastronomic tour through live show kitchens that offer the world’s finest cuisines. Take your family and friends and get on your most spectacular culinary journey yet. Relax, enjoy the food and dine in style at Your Lifestyle Buffet.
Upon entering, there is an elegant reception area dividing the entrance and the buffet. The place is very spacious and hardly ever crowded. It will have you wondering if it was a really a buffet place or a hotel lounge. The place is just beautifully sophisticated and classy.
The Food Club open kitchen restaurant features four major cuisine stations: Asian Kitchen Station, Western Kitchen Station, Cold Kitchen Station and Dessert Kitchen Station.
The long array of selections in the Asian Kitchen Station varies from Singaporean, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and Malaysian to Filipino cuisines which come with different action stations – Tempura section, and Shabu-shabu section. There is a separate Chinese section which features a wide array of authentic Chinese hot food cooked to perfection, a roasting section and dim sum section.
I was surprised to see a taho in a traditional maglalako setup in the midst of exotic cuisines. It was just around the corner of the Asian Kitchen Section which I think is excellently placed. This kind of taho really does embody the classic Filipino experience. I bet Filipinos would find this rather amusing while foreigners would definitely be in for a treat – true Filipino style. πŸ˜‰
The Cold Kitchen Station features a selection of freshly made salad, a create-your-own salad section, nachos and tacos section, a sushi and sashimi section. The crowd’s favorite is the crustacean section where they serve different types of seafood such as oysters, prawns and red crabs.
The Western Kitchen Station showcases the finest cuisines of Europe and the Americas’ – including South American Cuisines, Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisines which comes in different action stations as well – Western Soup section, Pizza section, Pasta section and Carving section.
To go well with these delicious carvings, The Food Club also has a vast selection of wines that would really complement the roast meat. Best part is that most wines are also part of the buffet. How cool is that?
While the Dessert Kitchen Station consists of a halo-halo section, kakanin section, fresh fruits section, crepe section, ice cream section, cookies section, cakes and pastries section and a beautiful candy corner. There is also a homemade, freshly baked bread and generous selection of imported cheeses from around the world.
Like in most buffet places, the dessert area is my favorite. However, The Food Club did take is up a notch – just look at the cute setup! There’s this corner for cereals and gummy stuff. And look, it’s well-decorated with colorful stuff toys and mini popcorn bar. It’s so cute!
Cakes, gelato, truffles, parfait, ice cream, mousse galore. Anyone who has a sweet tooth would be thrilled to see this much desserts on display. If I may suggest, try the Belgian Chocolate cake and Fruit-topped Meringue – you won’t regret it, I swear. πŸ™‚
Some buffets have one or two chocolate fountains but in The Food Club, they have THREE! Plus the selection of fruits, mallows and whatnot is endless. I could just stand there and dip my fingers for all I care.. well, of course I’m not allowed to do that but the chocolate is to die for!

In The Food Club, presentation is everything. Just look at that beautiful ferris wheel adorned with heavenly truffles. I seriously forgot I was trying to lose 5 kilos and was currently on a strict diet. Haha. Everything was so appetizing and honestly, it was worth messing up my diet. So good actually that if asked if I’d give up my no-rice streak, I’d do it in a heartbeat. πŸ˜‰

Now if you’re planning a sweet dinner with your loved one this Valentines, The Food Club would be my personal choice. You get to dine fancy (roast beef with wine and all) and you’ll really get a bang for your buck. I assure you, you won’t be leaving The Food Club feeling dissatisfied.
The Food Club Manila is located at Unit E Bluebaywalk Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Avenue cor. Edsa, Pasay City | Store hours: Mon-Sun 11:00–14:30, 17:30–22:30
Phone: 7368001 / 7798673 | Mobile: 09064281669
For more information, ‘like’ The Food Club Manila on Facebook: