Last week I was invited to Eau Thermal Avène’s media launch held at the very posh Tower Club in Ayala. This brand has been present in the Philippine market for a while now but it was never really mainstream. I’ve heard of the brand prior the event but I’ve never come across a commercial or any kind of in-your-face marketing from the brand. As it turns out, the reason for that is because the only advertisement they need is the recommendation of dermatologists. That’s how serious and commited the brand it.
Eau Thermal Avène is a unique French dermo-cosmetic brand dedicated to each level of skin 
sensitivity; from sensitive, intolerant to allergic. Each product contains the Avène Thermal Spring 
Water, a unique ingredient whose properties have been endorsed by dermatologists over the years. This has been dubbed as the “healing water” for it’s impressive natural healing properties.
It all began in a little town located in the South of France when a horse with severe skin disease bathed in the spring. Residents noticed that after a while, the skin disease was eventually cured. Word got out and soon the water from the spring became known for its healing properties. At one point, the water was even bottled and sent to Chicago to help those who were distraught because of the great fire. In 1990, a new dermatological Hydrotherapy Center opened and the production center was inaugurated. And as the cliche goes, the rest was history. *wink!

The Avène skincare brand was created to capture the same healing benefits to soothe sensitive skins worldwide. Formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water and bottled directly from the source of the spring, the Avène skincare brand addresses the needs of all types of sensitive skin. Even beyond sensitive skin treatment, this therapy has been used for centuries at the Hydrotherapy Center to address a variety of more severe dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis and burns. (source)

From the Avène Water comes different skincare lines to cater to different skin types.

For Hypersensitive Skin. For Oily Skin. For Normal to Combination Skin – like mine. 🙂

Aside from that, Eau Thermal Avène also has makeup removers, eye creams and an entire anti-aging line.

And since summer is just around the corner, Avène will be releasing a line of sunblock with SPF50. It will be out in the market this April.

The best-selling (and my personal favorite) is, of course, the Avène Thermal Spring Water Mist.

Unlike other mists, the Avène Water has very low mineral content, rich in silica and trace elements. It has been clinically proven to be naturally soothing, anti-irritating and anti-free radical. It provides instant relief just by spraying a fine mist of the Avène Thermal Spring Water whenever the skin feels tight, itchy and basically just uncomfortable.

I’m honestly very impressed with the brand. We got to take home a small aerosol can as part of your loot from the event and I immediately tried it on my legs. I recently shaved my legs so there are now stubbly hair regrowth. The itch and redness was becoming unbearable to I decided to give the Avène Thermal Spring Water a try. Lo and behold, in just a few minutes the itchiness was gone! Incredible! I can’t wait to see what else it can do. Individual reviews will be posted, of course. 😀

EAU THERMALE Avène is available at selected Watsons and Mercury Drug Stores Nationwide.
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