Before my day at The Spa, my idea of a relaxing afternoon comprised mainly of uninterrupted sleep. Nothing could recharge me like a 3-hour peaceful sleep or so I thought. I was invited to try a luxurious relaxation time courtesy of The Spa.. I thought to myself, since I’m about to start my weeks-long of non-stop internship and school this coming Wednesday then the timing really could be more perfect. Allow me to walk you through what seemed to be the most relaxing afternoon of my life. 🙂
Last week I went to the newly-opened The Spa branch on the 6th floor of Shangri-La Mall in Ortigas. The first thing I noticed upon entering was the cozy seats in front of the receptionists’ desks. It was rather difficult to take pictures inside The Spa because the whole place was dimly lit. This is, of course, to create a very intimate, tranquil vibe and yes, to promote privacy as well. But even under such lighting, I could still see how nicely done the receptionist’s makeup was – being a beauty blogger, I was so tempted to ask her what products she used. HAHA! She handed me a form to fill up and then asked a therapist to escort me to my suite.
Fast forward to my own suite. It was amazing! It had a tub-sized Jacuzzi, a personal shower area, a vanity desk with almost everything that I’ll need after the treatment (except makeup, duh) and, of course, a massage bed.
I was left alone after getting my hot ginger tea to strip and soak in my private Jacuzzi. Side note: I would just like to mention how delicious the tea was! I mean, I rarely drink tea but I had like 3 cups of their hot ginger tea throughout the treatment and believe it or not, it cured the dry cough that has been bothering me for almost a week.
Ok going back to the Jacuzzi; I initially instructed the therapist to come back after 20 minutes thinking that I wouldn’t really need that much time in the Jacuzzi. But after pouring in the bubble bath soap and turning the Jacuzzi on, I seriously had second thoughts of getting out. It was so relaxing that I wanted to stay there for the whole 3 hours. Don’t get me wrong; most of the resorts and spas I’ve been to have Jacuzzis but this one, combined with the warm lighting, minty aroma that engulfs the entire room and the assurance of privacy, made me cast away all worries. If I’m not mistaken, it took me almost an hour to finally get out of the tub and shower for my massage.
After taking a short shower, I came out in my bath robe ready for my massage. I’m no stranger to body massages as I usually get it done at least once a month to de-stress. But I wouldn’t include a typical body massage in my “used to be” idea of a relaxing afternoon. I know I’m not the only one who experienced body massages wherein too much pressure is applied and every movement becomes too harsh. This is the kind of massage that leaves red marks on the body parts where we asked more pressure to be applied and in some cases, my whole body would even ache the following day.
NO. This isn’t the case in The Spa. The therapist appeared to be well-trained because even when I ask her to focus on a specific problem area, the pressure is still controlled and evenly distributed. It didn’t hurt and absolutely no red patches on my back. Also, she was very soft-spoken which kept the treatment peaceful all throughout. I was so relaxed after the massage that I felt like a spineless jellyfish!
Again, I was given a few minutes for myself again – probably to get myself out of cloud nine – to rest for a while and then prepare for my facial. I sat on the massage table with a totally blank expression for like 10 minutes before taking another shower. I was to attend an event after the treatment and I can’t do so feeling greasy and oily. Good thing the shower area had a complete set of bath essentials as well.
I stepped out of the shower and saw equipments set up and all. When I was told that the Couple’s Retreat included a facial, I thought it was some kind of a rejuvenating facial massage of some sort. But I was wrong, it was indeed the “real” facial I get done once a month. I like for the therapist this time is very light-handed. I almost didn’t notice any pricking as she removed my black and white heads. It was rejuvenating, still.
As most facial, this included a mask to close the pores. In this case, the mask included was a Casmara Mask which was in a thick liquid form that’s applied on the face using a brush. It covered my eyes shut and my lips leaving only my nostrils bare. It was dripping to my ears causing me to mildly freak out but the therapist assured me it was fine. I lie there feeling claustrophobic but calm, in a way. The cooling sensation was very relaxing so as the faint smell emanating from the mask. After 15 minutes, the therapist came back to peel of the mask. Interesting and cool are not usual terms to describe a facial mask but believe me, it was. Imagine the rubbery prosthetics used on theatrical makeup look to completely change the face? It was like that. It was rubbery and slippery and it molded itself to the shape of my face as it dried to fit snuggly! So cool!
I wanted to savor every moment so I decided to stay for a couple more minutes but after glancing on my watch, I knew I was running late for my next event. I dragged my feet around refusing to leave but at the same time, hurriedly got dressed and prepared to leave the paradise. I was so thankful to have found a blow-dryer which helped fix my hair. I couldn’t apply makeup then but my skin looked fresh and without any trace of pricking so I was good to go. I was so rejuvenated that it even showed on my face – my skin was radiant.
The whole experience was very calming. It was indeed the most relaxed I’ve been for years. As I stepped outside the spa I thought, “ok, back to the real world”. Thank you, The Spa, for the wonderful experience.
If you plan on getting the treatment, I encourage you to bring your special someone. The Couples Retreat Package which is composed of Mind and Body Flow Massage + choice of Casmara Facial or The Spa Signature Men’s Facial costs Php 2,600/person (Executive) or Php 3,500/person (Villa). During the treatment, I was already planning my next visit but this time, I’ll definitely bring my supportive boyfriend with me. Just to make the experience even more special. Come to think of it, it would be a great gift this holiday season. <3 It isn’t exactly cheap but after reading the entirety of this post, you probably already know why. *wink!
For inquiries at The Spa Wellness Shangri-la, contact them at 656-6868/ 656-7878. The Spa Wellness Shangri-la is located at L6, Leisure Haven East Wing, Shangri-la Mall, Edsa cor Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong. The Spa Wellness could also be found in Alabang, Eastwood, Greenbelt, Rockwell, The Fort, Trinoma, Shangri-la Mall and Greenhills Promenade. For more info, visit