Bold and brightly colored nails are all the rage right now especially since summer is just around the corner. But here’s something to ponder on: Why it’s so easy to find skincare, hair care and body care products but very few brands offer products specifically designed for over-all nail care? Simple. Because we don’t fully comprehend its importance thus weakening the demand for such product. The unfortunate truth is that, more often than not, we overlook the importance of keeping the condition of our nails in check because we’d much rather cover the problem with pretty nail polishes. Admit it, haha.
To address our unspoken nail woes, Galderma Philippines, together with Agoo Bengzon as their brand ambassador, introduced Locycare Nail Gel – it penetrates the nails for optimal hydration and restores the water content of damaged nails. It basically helps promote healthy nail re-growth and brings back the natural, clean, and healthy look of your nails just after two weeks of daily application.
The product launching was held at the Maison by Nail Spa located within the Edades complex in Rockwell. This cozy nail salon is owned and operated by Nail Spa, the pioneer of the chic, laid-back nail service in the Philippines. Maison by Nail Spa is essentially an urban, more luxe version of your typical nail spa. At its core: traditional nail services, where stimulating aromatherapy, meticulous cleaning and a pampering massage meet a menu of the most stylish and fashion-forward colors from the nail care industry’s best and most premium brands.
If you’re tired of the crowded nail spas in malls, I’m sure you’d appreciate the spacious and relaxing feel at Maison by Nail Spa. And by “most premium brands” I’m talking about Essie, OPI, Deborah Lippmann, Illamasqua, Chanel and even Christian Louboutin. How can you say no to these luxurious to-die-for nail polishes. Gaaah! <3
But no matter how aesthetically pleasing these nail polishes are, if done too often, they may adversely affect the condition of your nail plates. Since nail polish has chemical contents, the use of such should be accompanied with proper nail care to avoid unhealthy nails characterized by dullness and discoloration. Unhealthy nails are not only an eye sore, but can also pose several minor health risks since nail polish reduces the natural moisture of the nails, which ultimately leads to brittle, sensitive and broken plates.
As mention by Agoo Bengzon, Locycare is here to revolutionize nail care amongst nail polish enthusiasts, consumers and beauty consultants. Proven to recover healthy nails, Locycare contains humectants and Artemisia leaf extract to hydrate and improve dry, damaged, and discolored nails. Just dab it on your nails, lightly massage it into your nail plates, and it will effortlessly penetrate the nails keeping them moisturized, in check, and healthy after each application.
For the event, we were treated for a luxurious hand and foot spa of our choice. I chose the anti-aging treatment for both hands and feet. It started with a soothing aromatherapy for the hands, cleaning and buffing of nails, and my favorite, a relaxing massage that almost knocked me out. All these while being served with delicious canapes from Bizu.

To end the afternoon at Maison by Nail Spa, Locycare was applied generously on our nails instead of nail polish. I’ve always been conscious of my hands and feet; they’re obviously not the model-type like the ones you see on streamers for foot spa advertisement and commercial. So I like bright and bold nail polish colors to divert attention from them but with all honesty, I think I’ll be down with the new bare nails trend after my 2-week trial period for Locycare. I don’t normally follow trends but I love trends that are simple and low-maintenance. <3 I’ll let you know what I think of this ultimate nail care product after 2 weeks. 🙂

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