I was never blessed with the skills and patience needed for styling my hair, or anyone else’s for that matter. I know it’s not about the tools because I’ve had a few from top brands and I still can’t seem so perfect the simplest kind of curls. I’m not giving up just yet… especially after the S/S2015 hair trend from TONI&GUY. I’ve got the tools, the products and all I need now is patience, or so help me. HAHA!
TONI&GUY, a brand that stands for the expression of style from the hair down, rolled out their Spring-Summer Hair Trends Collection 2015 at their first ever Hair Pop-Up Boutique in Greenbelt 5 last week. Like I said, hairstyling has always been one of my weaknesses so just imagine my awe when I was the different hairstyles showcased during the show. Not to pre-empt the post but the mohawk with side braids was AWESOME! <3

As said by Mark Hampton, TONI&GUY’s Hair Meet Wardrobe Global Ambassador, regarding the latest hair trends, “There’s something intriguing about hair this season. There’s a familiarity to styles yet there is a sense that something is “off”. Traditional summer looks have been renewed, refreshed – and re-energised for a whole new season ahead.” And that was exactly what they showcased at TONI&GUY’s first ever pop-up boutique last week.
As hosted by lifestyle sensations, Vicki Abary and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi of the Gypsetters, TONI&GUY hair experts created looks, which were showcased the latest fashion trends inspired by top London Fashion Week designers such as Helen Lawrence, Louise Alsop, Matthew Williamson and Vivienne Westwood.
In a generation where the world is more open and connected, cultural exchanges and influences indeed play an important role in shaping the fashion industry. This also opens the door to an amazing world of creativity. This season’s most intrepid and experimental styles have been blended into creating an exotic TONI & GUY Worldwide Vibe look. From dreadlocked, bejeweled, crimped, knotted to featherheaded – hair is styled to incorporate elements of mysticism through gems and rich fabrics.

I was impressed when I saw how the head stylist gave her side braids for the mohawk but I was completely floored when I saw her outfit. Yes, the hair indeed completed the look! It was edgy and sexy, boyish and still feminine all at the same time. Love it!

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TONI&GUY showcases an urban beach hair look that is accentuated with tousled textures and matte effects. It gives off a sporty and carefree vibe as if you just went from spending a day by the beach to conquering the city by night. This summer in the city look works well with fashion that’s textured and accentuated with vibrant pops of color.

It truly is casual. Fun, effortless and absolutely stunning. I’ve been using this variant for the past few months now and you’ll never guess how I like using it since I don’t curl my hair. I use it on my bangs to keep it in place while I jog since bobby pins alone don’t cut it. I like how it manages to keep my hair in check without making it stiff. Perfect to give fine hair that little boost of volume on a casual day. 😉

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Alluring yet deceptive – a look created by TONI&GUY when they introduced traditional romanticism to modern day mischievousness. Highlighted by voluptuous curls that were full of movement and a polished look, it goes really well with the distinct femininity that is replete with soft, languid silhouettes. It’s definitely a glamorous style with detailed prints, kaleidoscopic colors, and flowing hair styles to match.

Here’s a look every girl would have pegged for the perfect romantic date; chic, stylist and totally glamorous. I’ve always had a hard time curling my hair, though. I still need to practice, practice, and practice to achieve that gorgeous, bouncy waves. Wish me luck!

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Poetry meets luxury – TONI&GUY’s take on the classics. With the modern minimalistic approach of sweeping hair to the back or to the side paired with crisp pared-down styles, streamlined silhouettes in raw and organic shades, we are treated to a look that is sophisticated and harmonious in its quiet elegance.

Something that working girls would completely love. This, for me, is the best marriage between a formal corporate look and sass. This is what “power dressing” is. Aww! I can’t wait to dive into the corporate world and prove that I don’t have to look boring in slacks and coat. Girl power!

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4 different hairstyles to complete 4 very different looks. Okay, so hair can really do finish a look; the perfect accessory to the perfect outfit.
Enjoying the fashion-forward afternoon with my co-beauty bloggers Krissy, Gen-zel and Kim. There’s really nothing like spending the day with girls who truly understand your passion of everything beauty-related. You probably don’t know this about me but the reason I started blogging way back in college was because most of my friends and blockmates back then were guys. I literally didn’t have anyone to talk to about makeup and stuff I like so I ended up writing a blog as if I was talking to a virtual friend. And baaam! 3 years later, I have bloggers-turned-friends that share the same interest. I actually talk to Gen-zel and Kim on a daily basis. Come to think of it, I chat with them more often than I text my boyfriend. Haha! 
During the event, TONI&GUY also had a promo: if you buy 1 Prep/Cleanse and 1 Styling product, you’ll take home a colorful Matthew Williamson pouch that’s ideal for summer getaways. Ain’t that neat? 😀

For more information, visit TONI&GUY’s official website at www.toniandguy.com.ph and “like” them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/toniandguyPH