With review school taking up 90% of my time, I consider taking a bath one of my daily dose of self-therapy. I’m not one for long baths on a regular basis, my siblings would attest to that. The only time I take more than 30 minutes in the shower is when I’m excited to try something new – be it a new scrub, a shower cream or most often than not, a new hair mask. Although lately, whenever I want to take some time off from studying without feeling guilty, I take a relaxing bath to refresh both my mind and body. Plus, I get a lot of thinking done in the shower so it’s a win-win situation for me. 🙂

Just the other week I was invited to the launching of Watsons’ new campaign called Bath to Basics. The event proper was held at the Ki Neo Day Spa in BGC. It’s a cozy little paradise in the middle of the busy business district – the location is just perfect.. corporate individuals could just drop by for a few hours and return to their busy schedule all vamped up and ready for the challenges ahead.

Going back to the campaign. Bath to Basics aims to promote wellness and at the same time, educate people about maintaining a healthy and hygienic bathing habit. As much as we hate to admit it, taking a bath daily is slowly becoming a social responsibility instead of a relaxing personal time. We take care of ourselves so people wouldn’t talk about us – who would want to be branded as the girl with body odor, right? Being succumbed to social convention is not all bad but wouldn’t it be nicer if we actually enjoy taking care of ourselves so that we wouldn’t see it as a burden? It’s time to bring back the joy in bath time. 🙂
Here’s Ms. Dianne Yu  making a quick introduction about the campaign. “An indulging bathroom ritual every morning goes a long way. We need to make it a habit to pamper our body daily and make our bathroom a sanctuary. This sets our mood for the day and lets us start our day right.”

And of course the stunning Ms. Olen Lim, the founder of OJL Consulting Group. She’s not just a pretty face, mind you. It’s amazing how much she knows about beauty and body care. Plus the way she imparts her knowledge is just refreshing.  Like what Ms. O said, when we feel great, we radiate confidence that other people react to. Our reputation is our brand – this is what other people label us so might as well be known for something good. Who’d want to be known as the guy with nose hair sticking out or the girl who always comes to the office like a “basang sisiw” with her hair dripping.

I honestly learned a lot from Ms. O during the 20-minute talk. Let me share with you some of my new found beauty wisdom. For one, did you know that there’s actually a reasonable explanation behind the saying “don’t swim after eating”? According to Ms. O, the water actually increases our blood circulation which messes up our digestion. Also, it’s true that beer is good for the hair as it helps the hair shafts open up. And my favorite, the “James Bond Shower” – start with hot shower to open up the pores and effectively remove deep seeded dirty and then finish off with cold shower to close the pores back up again.

For the event, we were divided to 3 groups of 3-4 persons each to maximize the time. Our group was first to do the shopping challenge wherein we were given Watsons GC’s worth Php1,000. Then hop we go to their neighborhood branch just in front of Ki Neo Day Spa – the person with the most number of products wins a Ki Neo Day Spa GC.

I took advantage of all the “Buy 1, Take 1” shower creams, hand soaps and scrubs. HAHA. Now I won’t run out of bath essentials while I stay at my dorm in Sampaloc. <3 If you’re wondering just how many products I got under Php1,000.. *drumroll please* I got 16 items in total – including the FREE handsoap! Not bad, eh? 🙂

After the quick 15-minutes shopping spree, our group was escorted to the shower area of the spa where we could prep ourselves before the massage and at the same time, indulge using Watsons bath products. I’m so glad I picked up the huge bottle of rose shower cream. I only got to try it during the shower time and believe me, the scent is to die for. If I didn’t get one earlier that day, I would’ve probably bought one after. Last on the event’s checklist was the relaxing massage. I automatically hit the snooze trigger on myself half-way through the massage.  I’ve been aching to get a massage for weeks and the timing of the event was just perfect. The massage lasted for an hour but it was the most relaxed I’ve been since review school started. What a great way to promote wellness and bath time luxury at the same time. <3

Watsons is giving away FREE 750mL Limited Edition Hand Soap if you buy any participating bath product worth Php500. But if you’re an SM Advantage Card member, just present your card to avail the free item for only Php400 of any of the participating bath products. This promo is also available in the SM Store Beauty Section. Talking about hand soap, I got mine from Watsons for free.

There’s always more ways to look good and feel great with Watsons! To score great deals and offers, participate in their campaign by dropping by Watsons Bath to Basics activation booths in the following malls: SM Fairview (July 17-22), Festival Mall (July 24-29), SM North Edsa (July 31-August 6), and SM Manila (August 14-19).