This blog has been a witness to how much I’ve struggled with my weight for the past years. I’m not categorically fat but I’m not fit either. I can climb a flight of stairs and be out of breathe for minutes. More often than not, I feel bloated and heavy that every movement feels like I’m just dragging my body. And I’m still in my mid 20’s! I’m not a very active person but I know something’s wrong with my lifestyle. So this time around, I planned on losing weight not only to look good but to feel good about my body as well. Health is now the number 1 priority. I would much rather lose weight gradually and be able to maintain it rather than to lose a ton in a snap and then bounce back to my original weight. No fad diet, just healthier lifestyle.

Just a quick disclaimer before we start; I was not paid to write this, I wish I was but I honestly wasn’t. I paid for everything with my hard-earned money. I’m not here to sell you anything. I am a Herbalife member, paid for my own membership, but not to be an agent. I joined to get a discount on my personal consumption. I get 25% off products because of the said membership. Now that any suspicions of me being impartial is out, let’s begin. I’ll start by introducing the products I use and their purpose, then I’ll discuss what my weight loss program consists of.

With all the networking and hard-selling antics that’s been going around, I know how intimidating this can be. And no one wants to be blind-sided when making a purchase. I admit, I didn’t want to go to the nutrition club for consultation even if it was free because I don’t like being offered a ton of products on the spot. I have a hard time saying no to people, I guess. Haha. Unfortunately, I am prohibited from disclosing exact prices since they differ for each type of membership. But for the benefit of those who are interested but doesn’t want to be blind-sided, a 30-day program is around Php 5k-6k, more or less.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate. This is to be taken every morning to aid our digestive track for the day. It acts as a lubricant to speed up the food process. 3 cap-full should be taken every morning and by cap-full I do mean the actual bottle cap. I’m a fan of anything sour so chugging this down is easy peasy. It also comes in Mango flavor, too. This bottle is good for 1 month.

Herbal Concentrate Tea. This is a low-calorie tea mix that blends green tea and orange pekoe with lemon peel and hibiscus. I drink this every morning with the aloe extract to regulate bowel movement. As per instruction of my diet coach, I can substitute my coffee with this herbal tea as it also contains caffeine to wake me up during a long boring day in the office. Also good for 1 month.

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix comes in sachets and canister, good for 11 days. With only 80 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving, this is essentially my meal-replacement. It can be blended with banana and oats, or non-fat milk. My favorite flavor would have to be Wild Berry. The French Vanilla is too plain and the Dutch Chocolate tastes like Sustagen to me. Haha.

These 3 items are just the basic. After a month of successful program, I also incorporated a few supplements which I will be sharing with you on a different post. For now, let’s focus on these first. 🙂

Another thing that peaked my interest is that they actually monitor my progress. They don’t just consider your weight, they also note the level of your viseral fat, muscle mass, fat content and my favorite, your metabolic age. They don’t just sell you products; they’re promoting a lifestyle. On my first visit after the busy season, I weighed almost 129lbs with the metabolic age of a 32 year-old. I stand a little over 5’3″ and so my ideal weight should be between 109-118lbs. I WAS OVERWEIGHT! No wonder I feel so heavy all the time. I decided to take it seriously this time around.

After discussing with my diet coach, I was given a meal plan for my weight loss program. My meal plan contains only 1,100 calories per day, given my inactive lifestyle, I wouldn’t be able to burn anything above the 1,100 mark. It sounds difficult but once you get used to it, the way you look at food shifts permanently.

My meal plan consists of the following:

Breakfast| Aloe, Tea and F1 Shake (with half banana and tablespoon of oats OR nonfat milk) = 150

Lunch| 1 cup of rice OR vegetable, fish OR chicken = 500 calories

Snack| fish OR chicken = 300 calories

Dinner| F1 Shake (with half banana and tablespoon of oats OR nonfat milk) = 150 calories

At first I was worried that I might get hungry (and cranky) during the day but I was advised to drink plenty of water instead. So far, I am able to control my appetite. I don’t get hungry in between meals anymore and I’m as energetic as I was before. I haven’t experienced any adverse side effect so far, but according to my diet coach, some people may experience headaches or dizziness during the first few days in the program.

In less than 3 months, I’ve lost 10lbs. As you can see, most of the weight I lost are from my tummy area. I did lose a bit around the arms but it’s still too big for the rest of my body so I have to work on that. Although not as strict as before, I’m still following my program since I haven’t reached my personal goal yet. I plan to be at least 110lbs. in preparation for my next beach trip.

I decided to show you the result as of July since I started going to the gym briefly after and I didn’t want to mix the result of the diet and the workout. They say weight loss is 20% workout and 80% nutrition. Well there you have it, my progress just by following my diet plan. Maybe next time I’ll share my workout routine? Maybe. Haha.

It’s also important to note that I’ve been traveling a lot lately so you might want to consider a few cheat days throughout the span of 3 months. Haha.  I’m obliged to tell you that results may vary from person to person.

Again, I’m not here to sell you anything, but if you have questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message and I’ll try to answer it to the best of my ability. Or better yet, contact my diet coach, Coach Aika 0917-987-9098. She’s in better position to talk about the program and the diet plan since I can only talk about my personal experience. 🙂

It took me a while to finally talk about my weight loss experience. Feels good to finally blog about this. <3