Few days before Christmas, I was completely torn as to whether to post a gift guide for guys using the pictures of what I was about to give BF or not. It would’ve been helpful to some but it would also defeat the purpose of hiding my shopping bags from BF for the past weeks — knowing that he reads my blog regularly. 

So obviously, I didn’t dare risking the surprise by posting it before Christmas. However, I still want to make a blog post entry for it may help out girls who are thinking about buying something for their special someone for their monthsary/anniversary.

I was originally planning to give BF a huge box filled wth individually wrapped gifts but unfortunately, all seven gifts did not fit in the box I bought so I had to give him a box AND another paper bag. LOL. F-A-I-L! πŸ™‚
Etude House Love Home Refresh Skin & Oil-Free Lotion
(From Seoul Catch)

Guys need skincare products too! They maybe too proud or arrogant to admit it but the fact still remains that they’re also exposed to harmful particles and vunerable to hormonal imbalance and aging. I see this as one of the advantages of being a BF of a beauty blogger — we, beauty bloggers, also concerned about their looks. *wink

A4 Tech Li-Battery Bluetooth Mouse
(From Electroworld)

Next to me and his family, BF spends his spare time playing DOTA2, HON, Diablo3 and whatnot. Also, he’s extremely talented in using Photoshop which is very useful for me and my blog. πŸ™‚ So I don’t really see this one as a gift but more like a payment for regularly fixing my blog. LOL!

Wall Street Neck Tie
(From SM Department Store)

Starting January, BF will be working for Reyes-Tacandong Accounting firm in Rockwell for his OJT. I’m actually more excited than he is for his on-the-job-training. Oh how I wish I can go with him. I’m sure he’ll look rather dashing with this tie. <3
Watsons Men 5-Blade Razor
(From Watsons)
Of course, nothing looks more dashing than a well-groomed, clean-looking man with brains to boot. Haba-haba! πŸ™‚
Spongebob Boxer Shorts
(From Sm Department Store)

This one is a very bold and playful choice of gift, I must say. I bought this months ago out of sheer impulse and fondness of Spongebob. BF and I like watching Spongebob with his nieces and we are both familiar with Spongebob’s laughable lines but when I saw it printed on a boxer shorts, it instantly had a different, more naughty meaning. LOL!

Cute, eh? πŸ™‚
Lastly, a leather watch from Giordano.
(From Seoul Catch)

BF rarely wears accessories. The only time I saw him wore a watch was 3 years ago when his mom bought him a Sony cellphone from Saudi with a free watch that is connected to the phone through bluetooth. He can check if someone texted him and control his music player using the watch. Unfortunately, his dormmate left their room unlock over the weekend… you can guess what happened next.

Moving on, I know he’ll be needing a watch for his OJT and I don’t want him going to work late so I bought him this watch from GMarket thru Seoul Catch.

I hope this post helped you even a teeny tiny bit in deciding what to buy for your BF/brother/boss/guy friend for any given occasion. Good luck! πŸ™‚
P.S I’ll be posting product reviews by January.
Sorry! I’m still enjoying the holiday vibe with my relatives.
No worries, I’ll be posting hauls and short entries every time I can.