There has been a lot of these kinds of posts everywhere – blog, youtube, forums… everywhere! So since I have a little bit of downtime today and I just cleaned my room so I might as well try to show you what’s in my bag. My  “date bag”, I mean. My everyday office bag just has my prehistoric work laptop, some wires and cords, and supplies. You know, boring stuff so we’re skipping that.

Okay, so my go-to outfit for planned dates are often dress + white sneakers [or flats when I’m driving]. Most of the time I pair them with my current favorite bag, this Kate Spade Tallulah Everett Way (color: Pebble).

The color makes it easy to match with any outfit and the structure of it allows it to go from casual to formal. Plus it comes with a strap so it can be used as crossbody bag as well. I like the brand’s name on the inner lining however it’s not as spacious as I’d want it to be. Oh well, at least I’m forced to leave all unnecessary stuff.

Moving on, let’s breakdown the contents to three parts.

(1) My essentials

I have my phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, in gold because I got it when I was in the “everything gold” phase last year.  I even have the L’Oreal Gold Obsession Lipstick to match!

My wallet, Kate Spade Cameron Street Lacey Wallet (color: Island Water) which contains all my cards, IDs and a bunch of trash receipts. The original plan was to have my name monogrammed on but apparently, that kind of in-store service is not available in the Philippines. Bummer! So instead, we just had a gold letter “C” added to it – this is from Kate Spade, too. I think it costs P500+ per letter.

And of course, my car keys. My house key is in there, too.

(2) Makeup

Since this is my “date bag”, my choice of makeup pouch had to match. What do you think of my “Love is On” velvet pouch from Revlon? Cute, right? <3

Bear in mind that I only bring a few things for retouch. Inside we have: (a) MAC Studio Finish Concealer, (b) Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil, (c) L’Oreal Mat Magiqque BB Veil, (d) Avène Thermal Spring Water Mist, (e) Carmex Lip Balm.

And who can forget about lipsticks? On the average, I carry 4-6 different shades of lipsticks in my pouch just in case my date tells me my lipstick doesn’t match my outfit. And yes, that has happened before. HAHA

Here are my current favorites: (a) MAC Mehr, (b) Shu Uemura in Highway Pink, (c) POP Beauty in Razzle Rose, (d) L’Oreal LE Gold, (e) L’Oreal Mocha Gold, and (f) Jazzy France in Ice Princess. The shades are as diverse as it can be just in case the situation asks for a sudden change in look. 😉

(3) Miscellaneous

Nothing of consequence, really. I just have my phone cord because I usually charge my phone in the car, a pen, oil control film,  Bvlgari Omnia Coral (my favorite as of the moment), eyedrops and a pack of wet wipes.

But then again, that’s what I bring on dates. When I’m less glam and off running errands, this is what I actually have in my bag.

When I like something, I often buy them in different colors just like this cute little Charles & Keith sling bag. I alternate between black and beige when I’m not too lazy to transfer my things.

I have my (a) car keys, (b) cellphone, (c) smaller wallet with just my driver’s license and enough cash for groceries in it, (d) IOPE Air Cushion (doubles as my concealer and powder as well if I’ll be in an well-airconditioned place), (e) oil control film, and (f) a lipstick – yes, just one. Right now I’m using MAC Please Me.

That’s it. That’s as basic as it can get. What do you think? Did I miss out anything essential?

Let me know what you can’t leave the house without! Comment them down below. 🙂