A couple of weeks back, I received an invite through email from Liz of Project Vanity – if you’re reading my blog, or any other local beauty blog for that matter, then you probably know her already. Anyway, the invite was for Wink Laser Studio’s newest service, Revlite Laser Therapy. Luckily, I didn’t have class that day because believe me; I would’ve skipped that class to attend this event. Okay, I may not be a model student but at least I’m graduating by the end of April. HAHA!

Holly Chang, the founder of Wink, discussed the need-to-know’s of the new Revlite Laser Therapy while Dermatologist Dr. Angela Castro demonstrated the new service on one of the blogger attendees, Ana. As most of you probably know, this wasn’t my first Revlite Laser treatment so I do have a background about the service and a little knowledge on what to expect from it already. But I’ll give you a quick rundown on what you need to know about the new service.

The event was held at the Shine Bakery & Cafe at SM Aura Premiere on March 25th. The cafe has a very quirky feel to it – very Wink Laser Studio! Even the interior pieces put together are bright and fun. I’ve only been to two of Liz’s events but so far, I like her choices in venue. I can totally picture myself going back here for a fun, casual date. 🙂

For that day’s menu, we had Classic Cheese Burger Sliders, Salted Caramel Eclair, My Chocolate Fix and Nori Fries. I came to the venue with a good 3 days straight with nothing but healthy food behind me and the strong goal of passing up any sweets. Err.. and I returned home with a ruined diet plan. Everything was just so delicious! My favorite, the Salted Caramel Eclair! It’s now 3 in the morning as I’m typing this (although this would be published later in this morning) and I’m craving for Salted Caramel Eclair! What to do, what to do.. <3
Basically, here’s what you need to know about Revlite Laser Therapy:
 What is it? Revlite laser treatments stimulate and rejuvenate collagen in your skin with short pulses of light. Increase in collagen gives your skin a youthful glow, a smoother texture, and a more even skin tone. Enlarged pores, pimples, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and even pigmentations from birth marks and sun damage? Bzzt! Gone in a few sessions. 
What does it feel like? There’s very minimal discomfort involved: most people simply get a mild tingling sensation, similar to getting flicked by a thin rubber band. You may also feel a little sunburnt and look like you went a little blush-crazy after the session; this is normal and will subside in a few hours. 
What happens to the facial hair? The fine hairs on your face (vellus) will also turn white and shed a little because the treatment removes pigment from the hair follicles, contributing to a smoother appearance. Both women and men have been using Revlite for years. The procedure is totally safe, and doctors from Australia, Malaysia, India, China and Thailand highly recommend it for Asian skin. 
Based on personal experience from my previous Revlite Laser Therapy, the tiny hairs turn white – some falls off on their own while others need a little help. In both cases, the treatment makes the face look brighter in an instant! I guess it works both ways: removing unwanted facial hair like typical laser treatments and evening out the skin tone.
 Forget about downtime! A Revlite session takes only about 20 minutes, and aside from the mild redness, there’s virtually zero downtime! You can get a treatment then go about your normal activities right after, and the only thing people will notice is how great your skin looks! 
How many sessions does it take? Laser Toning sessions typically require 6-10 sessions every 2 weeks and each session costs Php7,000 at Wink Laser Studio. Laser Facials are most effective when done weekly for an initial 8 sessions, after which maintenance is only needed every 4 weeks. As with any other treatment, Revlite-treated skin requires a bit of maintenance but Wink promises that you won’t need any special creams aside from your favorite sunscreen. Pretty can still be fuss-free!
 Here’s Gen-zel and I right after our Revlite Laser Therapy.  See, we can totally hit the mall after. There are a little bit of redness and bumps on the cheeks but other than that, we’re good to go! I decided to skip the before-and-after shot for this post as I would dedicated that on a separate one – after I finish all 3 sessions. 😉
 The day won’t be complete without a quick photo op, of course. Right: With the ever-so quirky host, tita K. Upper left: with Holly Chang and Wink’s brand manager, Liz Lanuzo. Lower left: With fellow beauty bloggers, Gen-zelKim & Andy. 🙂 
Aside from the great food, company and on-the-spot Revlite Laser Therapy sesh, Liz also put together a lovely loot bag for us bloggers. I can’t help but get excited when Liz discussed what’s inside each loot bags. Ugh, as if getting invited to the event wasn’t enough. Again, thank you, Liz!
Well, you would be excited, too, when you get to take home vouchers for 3 more Revlite Laser Therapy a.k.a Laser Toning session, 1 Underarm Laser Session, VMV Sunblock, a couple of Sac People products, Travel Lite Makeup Remover and an Ellana Lip & Eye Tint – Yey I can finally try out Ellana! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it. <3
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