Few days ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I received a letter from our local post office. As it turns out, the package Wish Trend sent me was blocked by the customs. They had to check the contents for public safety reasons and I had to pay a small amount for tax. It really didn’t cause that much hassle, really.
Anyway, I noticed that as Kpop dominates MYX Hit Charts, Korean cosmetic industry is also a creating great market in the Philippines. I’m not really a fan of Kpop but I do love Korean products! So Korean fan girls and boys, this post and the next reviews are for you. LOL! 😀
Wish Trend is an international company that supplies marketing, distributing, and network service on beauty, fashion, and entertainment brands. They only offer authentic products!
Front of the Pouch looks like this:
 Cute duckies! 🙂
And the back is full of jumbled Korean letters.
Wish Box No. 2 is comprised of the following products:
(Product Info taken from Wish Trend‘s site)
1. [Berrisom] Curlume Mascara
Brand : Berrisom
Volume: 8g
Retail Price :USD 16.9
Made in Korea
The ultimate mascara Volume, curl, and long lashing ALL IN ONE.
Super Curve Brush – 80 degree curving + XXL Volume + 150% longer lashes
+ 24 hours sustainability.
2. [Lioele]  Glittering Jewel Liner

Brand : Lioele
Volume : 1.2g
Color : Green
Retail Price :USD 5.3
Made in Korea
Super creamy texture lets you draw eyelines softly and neatly.
Long lasting waterproof eyeliner keeps your eye without smudging even in sweat or sebum.
3. [Lyramoa] Water Drop Mineral Powder

All skin Type
Volume: 8g
Retail Price :USD 22.9
Made in Korea
No dry make-up!
– It helps to keep a moist and silky skin by enough moisturizing
ingredient over 60 percent.
Strong absorption of the sebum!
– Water Drop Mineral Powder which contains the ingredient of particles,
will keep your make-up a long time.
4. [Etude House ] Surprise Essence Concealer

Brand :  Etude House
All Skin Type
Color type : No.2 Natural Beige
Volume : 7g
Retail Price :USD 4.5
Made in Korea
Liquid type concealer within essence.
Using filmpolymer, stick to the skin smoothly.   
Contain honey nutrition essence, keep moisture for a long time.
Excellent persistency
Containing silicon oil that makes thin film curtain, be strong on sweat and sebum.
5.  [Kiss New York]  Nail lacquer

 Brand : Kiss New York
Volume : 7.2g
Color : 19 
Retail Price :USD 6.2
Made in USA
The nail polish of Kiss New York is manufacturered by  the best manufacturer in the world.
So, the products of Kiss New York will be maintained colors for a long time and not be harmful to human because of contained no harmful ingredients. 
A total of USD $54.40 dollars worth of Korean products BUT Wish Trend sells Wish Box No. 2 for only USD $29.99! Roughly around Php 1200 for all these Korean goodies? 
Not bad. 🙂
Plus, Wish Trend also sent me [KLAIR’S] Illuminating Supple Serum sample.
Brand: Klair’s
All Skin Types
Made in Korea

KLAIR’S Illuminating Supple Serum, Maximize skin brightening with Illuminating Supple Serum!
Having a hard time looking for a particular Korean makeup that you love? Now, you know where to get ’em. 😉 Don’t forget to visit Wish Trend’s site. Click HERE.
I’ll post detailed individual reviews soon so keep checking out this page! 😀