Ready for next semester? With this pair from World Balance, I am! πŸ™‚ For the longest time, I’ve been prioritizing quantity over quality when it comes to flats. I used to buy those Phpp250-worth ballet-like flats from Divisoria just so I can have 4-6 different designs to choose from. That’s all good but wait ’til the rainy season comes and witness what becomes of my cheap ‘ol flats – the inside padding turns to something like soaked cardboard, the rubber sole slowly detaches and worst of all, water keeps getting inside my shoe!
Oh well, that’s what I get for being a cheapo. At least now I know better than to choose quantity over quality. A stylish pair is nice but durability is just as important. Agree? πŸ™‚
If you don’t know, World Balance is a relatively popular brand of ‘his’ and ‘hers’ footwear. They have a wide range of footwear that would cater to any kind of lifestyle. The most popular collection would have to be their Sports Active Shoe Collection that’s specifically engineered to withstand any kind of active lifestyle. This followed by their Street Casual Shoe Collection for more laidback outfits. And lastly, their Everyday Sandals Collection which is perfect for quick errands. They take pride not only on their stylish designs but also on their shoes’ incredible durability – this I have to put on a test. *wink
I was honestly so tempted to get something from their Sports Active Collection but I know myself too well. I won’t use running shoes as much as I would use this. First semester is coming and I need a durable pair of flats. Something that’s cute, goes well with almost any outfit, comfy and most importantly, sturdy enough to conquer the grounds of La Salle Dasma. And obviously, this simple but cute pair right here fits the bill perfectly! I kinda feel sorry for this pair actually because I’m absolutely certain that this will be extremely abused this sem. La Salle Dasma = daily walk-a-thon. πŸ™‚
Style Name: BELOVED
Category: STREET CASUAL Shoes
Color: BLUE (also available in RED)
Price: Php 1,299
Ok, let’s start with the design of the shoes because, let’s face it, this is what attracts us into buying a pair. Beloved is a flat closed shoe with the right mix of chic (blue velvet material) and laidback (beige rubbery material). I love the white stripes and the bow as they bring out the beige color even more. 
If you’re a college girl like me who sometimes wears civilian clothes to school (in our school, we call it “wash day”), you’ll find this pair really interesting. The design is obviously very simple – which I totally love! I can pair it with casual denim pants and a shirt or maybe a brightly-colored short and a tank top. I’m sure Beloved still look great in any outfit!
The stitches and overall assembly looks pretty sturdy to me but what do I know, right? Let’s see how durable this pair really is this rainy season, shall we? πŸ˜‰
I like how the pad on the interior sole part is softer than other shoes that are being sold for the same price. If your work/school requires you to walk around a lot, its superior cushion would be a breath of relief. LOL! Although for the “shock absorption” claim, I can’t really test – let alone vouch – for that. 
But from what I’ve read, “the insoles of the shoes feature the Terra Soft technology that helps in boosted forefoot flexibility while protecting the feet with pressure relief and cushioning. The added EVA sock liners and California mid-soles further help protect the sensitive parts of the soles from shock that might cause injuries. And the Phylon outsole helps create better shock absorption while cushioning the feet from impacts.” – Taken from Check out her post to know more about the technical stuff. πŸ˜‰
If you’re going to spend a thousand on a pair of school flats, might as well go for something that is sturdy and chic, right? So what do you think of my girly flats? Do you love it or do you looooovvvveee it? πŸ™‚
And oh! Did I mention that World Balance have awesome customer service? I mean, really! You seldom see that in established brands. But for World Balance, this only shows how dedicated they are in improving their shoes and making sure that their buyers are always satisfied. So for that, I thank you. πŸ˜€
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