of the things I like most about the slack period between Christmas and New Year’s is the
insane yearend sale in malls. I mean, where else would have my “aguinaldo” went
for the past few years if not straight to the pockets of the million-peso brands
and mall owners. And I’m positively sure I’m not the only one whose eyes
glimmer with excitement at the sight of red signs that says “Sale” especially
when it’s more than 50% off! *wink
hate to say the obvious but for the past few days, I’ve been hauling small
beauty-related loots. Emphasis on small as I try to fool myself that I
really didn’t buy more than what I need. But of course, that’s a lie knowing for a
fact that I have more than enough makeup to last me 4 or 5 month without buying
a single product. Oh well, what’s done is done. 🙂
start off with this small bunch from Maybelline.
was actually faced with a dilemma before finally buying these. You see. L’Oreal
was on a 50% off sale while Maybelline, on the other hand, only offered 30%
off. But since a lot of the bloggers I know at some point raved about
Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara (from Php 449 to Php 300+), I decided
to go with the brand. Also, I bought a refill for my Clear Smooth All-in-One
in Sand Beige (Read review HERE) for around Php 150+ and a BB Cream
in 03 Radiance for Php 199 instead of Php 249.
SA on Maybelline’s counter at SM Department Store in MOA was a bit annoying though.
Even the lady beside me was getting pretty irritated because the SA was
chatting with another SA and it seemed like she had no plans of assisting
us. I didn’t want to start yapping so I just took whatever I needed off the hook behind the counter and
continued shopping.

Cooper Brow Gel (Php 299) recently caused a buzz on Twitter as
bloggers like Liz Lazuno of Project Vanity tweeted how much she wanted to try it.
Heck, if Ms. Liz thinks it worth a try then I have to try it too! LOL! My
Etude House Brow Fix already dried up few weeks ago but I’m still using it.
Now, it can retire in peace. 🙂 I
also got another Nichido Lip Liner in Rosette and Eye Liner in Turquoise because I lost
my old ones. Both liners were for Php 80 each.

Christmas, my cousin received a nail art booklet with step by step instructions for
with more than 50 designs. I was really interested as it look very doable even
for a newbie like me. Do I even need to tell you what happened next?
I bought cheap nail polishes to practice the designs.
This Nicole Oval Sponges (Php 51+) was an epic mistake. I
remember reading from the nail art booklet that I need a sponge for this
particular dreamy design and I bought these! Buying a sponge specially made for
nail art didn’t cross my mind. I’ll just blame it on my brother who rushed me to
buy this because he was such in a hurry to go home. LOL!
The following day, I told BF my plans of
including a regular Nail of the Day (NOTD) post here on my blog. I admit, I
still need a lot of practice and it will take a great deal of my time. I’m
still not yet 100% sure BUT after what BF gave me to start my nail segment, I
have no more excuse to back out. Thanks, Honey! <3
Nail Polish Remover, Jocarste Metallic Silver Nail Polish in 27 & a
Silver Glitter Nail Polish with a thin nail art brush applicator.
Nail Protector and BK Nail Art 5-pc. Brush Set.
Brush, Glue and Gel & Fruit Fimo Wheel.
Art Sponges with Handle and a Nail Wheel.
got this from a small boutique in Festival Mall, Alabang. It was located near the
fast food lane, ground floor. If my memory serves me right, the shop’s name was NAIL-ille.
I hope you enjoyed my yearend haul!
I heard the pantone color for 2013 is emerald.
Too bad I didn’t get any emerald-colored accessories to boot.
Oh well, there’s always next time. 🙂